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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: November 17, 2010

Good morning.

Looks like there's yet another Microsoft promo video/ad today, this one called The Future of Technology, and it's pushing Windows 7 and Windows Live again, and has a nice message. At some point, however, I have to wonder if all this promotion doesn't suggest a bit of desperation. We get it. Windows 7 is great.

Thanks to Eric B. for the link.

Update: The anti-Microsoft brigade is, of course, going after this video with the same strenuous type of attack it always uses. I'm curious, did this guy really not understand the video was a homage? Really?


Don Reisinger says that Microsoft should buy Facebook. I completely agree. But I also know the company well enough know to know that if they buy any company, it will be an AOL (loser) and not a Facebook (winner). Buying Facebook immediately should be a priority for Microsoft, and it will put it on near-equal footing with Google online almost instantly. Why isn't this happening? (And, no, antitrust is not the reason: In fact antitrust concerns around Google is the number one reason for this deal to be pushed through.)


Hulu Plus is launching today for $7.99 per month, $2 off the previous price during the preview. It's a decent service, and the video quality is great, often with subtitles. I just don't get why anyone would pay for an ad-supported video service. It seems like the point of paying (cough, Netflix) is that you don't get ads.


Microsoft has delivered the 7th platform preview release of Internet Explorer 9, and this time around there's some impressive news to share: IE 9 now scores 234.6 ms on SunSpider, making it the fastest-performing browser in the world. Fun bit of trivia: This release comes one year to the day when IE 9 was first officially announced at PDC'09.

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