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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: November 1, 2010

Good morning from Las Vegas. I'm here for some meetings, interviews, and of course Windows Connections. I'm not speaking, but I'll be around the show all day Tuesday, I believe.


Microsoft dropped the new Xbox Live Dashboard update (what I think of as NXE v2) this morning, as expected. (It includes bits for Kinect, which debuts this week as well.) I previously wrote an article about the update, Xbox Live Update (Late 2010), which covers the basics. I'm on the road, so I can't really do more at this point, but I'll have to say about the Xbox 360--and of course Kinect--later in the week.


Apple has countersued Motorola for patent infringement, this time around the multi-touch interfaces in its DROID and other smart phones.


And speaking of Apple, ex-Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée has written an interesting article examining Steve Jobs' plan to rethink the desktop OS. I've always been a huge Gassée fan, and while it's pretty obvious now that Apple made the right choice in rehiring Jobs and buying NeXT, I did think at the time that Gassée's BeOS would have been a better choice. This is why I don't run one of the world's most respected and powerful tech companies.


Microsoft sends word about Internet Explorer usage share from October. IE 8 remains the world’s most popular browser with 32.6 percent worldwide share. Overall IE usage share is 57 percent worldwide. And there's some IE 9 momentum: IE 9 usage share has grown 0.21 percent this month to 0.32 percent worldwide. And Microsoft has seen over 10 million downloads of the IE 9 Beta.


Stephen King has a Kindle, God bless him. And while many of you won't be able to read this (the WSJ is behind a pay wall, right?) here's an interesting interview with the prolific author regarding eBooks and the future of publishing.


This obviously isn't my area of expertise, but there are rumors (again) that Facebook is going to launch a so-called Facebook phone at this week's mysterious mobile event. I'm pretty sure what they're really doing is just launching new mobile apps and a new mobile version of the Facebook web site. I guess we'll find out: The event occurs November 3.

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