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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: December 8, 2010

Good afternoon. Another late start, still catching up. Plus all the Google stuff this week has thrown me for a loop. At least something is happening.


Former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein says Palm isn't in a "game over" situation now that HP owns the company and its technology. But maybe he just hasn't been around HP enough yet. "HP didn't have a mobile strategy," he said. "A company like HP needs to be in control of its own strategy." The problem, of course, is that Palm didn't have a mobile strategy either. Palm has good technology. But the company was clearly pretty rudderless.


Like its co-conspirator Microsoft, market leader Intel seems curiously unable to foresee and set industry trends. So it's following other smaller, more innovative companies instead. Case in point: The netbook and tablet markets, which Intel has responded to by just now creating a new business unit that it calls the netbook and tablet group. At Intel, that's called leadership.


Netflix is adding Disney/ABC content to its instant streaming service.


Love Angry Birds? Own an iPhone 4? Well, you're batting .500 at least. Now grab one of these fun Angry Birds cases and improve your reception in the process.


Microsoft writes in to say Exchange 2010 Turns One! Read more at the Exchange Team Blog.


Apparently not everyone is as excited about Google Chrome OS as (I think) I am.

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