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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: December 16, 2010

Good morning.

We finally got a bit of snow here in the Boston area. Nothing notable, other than that it's the first. Plus, it's colder than all get-out.

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article about how Apple's decision to manufacture the iPhone added $1.9 billion to the US trade deficit with China last year. "Designed by Apple in California" just sounds so much nicer, doesn't it? And give the WSJ some credit for somehow contorting the story to be less critical of Apple. The headline actually reads, "iPhone: Not Really 'Made in China'." Good stuff.

Microsoft has launched a new web site for Windows Live plug-ins, which includes add-ons for Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and Writer. These things were previously available otherwise, but not as easily found, and if you want to use, say, Windows Live Photo Gallery in tandem with your favorite online photo sharing site (like Picasaweb), this is the place to look.

The New York Times has a funny article describing yet another problem with the iPad: It's not masculine, and men feel lame carrying one around. Just so we're clear: The answer is always to wear one of those gadget jackets. That never looks dumb. Cough.

Head's up: There's a total lunar eclipse happening next week, with ideal conditions for those living in North America. Assuming it doesn't snow.
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