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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: December 15, 2010

Good afternoon.

I had to make a quickie trip to Redmond for a meeting--literally in one day, home the next, so I'm still catching up a bit. 

Microsoft is now offering a free HTML 5 Extension for Windows Media Player plug-in for Mozilla Firefox that allows users to play H.264 encoded video on HTML5, by using the built-in capabilities found in Windows 7. Interesting.

Speaking of browsers, Microsoft is also touting the recent news that NSS Labs has determined that Internet Explorer offers better protection against socially-engineered malware than other browsers. For more info, you can find the report here, or check out the Exploring IE blog post.

Amazon MP3
is now available on Blackberry smart phones.

Remember Lulu? They used to allow you to host your entire music collection in the cloud and then access it from anywhere. Apple bought them, and many hoped similar functionality would then appear in iTunes. That hasn't happened, at least not yet, but now there's a new service called mspot that looks similar. They're offering Mac and Windows web clients, and an Android client, and more on the way. The bad news? The free version only supports 2 GB of storage, and there's only one paid tier, which at $3.99 supports 40 GB of storage. Still, an interesting idea.
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