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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: December 1, 2010

Good morning. Already December. Sigh.

Speaking of which, the SuperSite switchover to a new content management system is happening late today. Pray for me. No, seriously.


People continue to misunderstand my stance on Apple's iPad, which I feel is deeply flawed in its current form. (The device, not my stance. Ahem.) But it's worth discussing, which is why I keep bringing it up. I mean, Apple is on to something here, right? And I've been preaching simplicity and the need for a from-scratch platform for years. So the iPad is, to me, tantalizingly close. And worth criticizing.

Anyway, given my recent article, How Apple Can Fix the iPad in 2011, I was interested to see some discussion around whether the iPad 2 would get a "retina display," as used on the current-gen iPhone and iPod touch. Such a display, however, would require a resolution of 2560 x 1920, which is typically only found on 30-inch PC/Mac displays. So that ain't gonna happen.

Still, it's reasonable to expect more pixels. And there's no reason why the retina display brand couldn't be used on any high DPI display; it doesn't have to be exactly 300 DPI.


Firefox will ship a Beta 8 version of Firefox 4 next week, leading me to wonder whether this company will ever ship the thing. Good thing they basically only make one product. I can't imagine how long they'd take if they had a few more.


Pingdom examines mobile OS usage across the world.


I almost forgot to mention: I received a WD TV Live Hub, which seeks to right the wrongs of the ill-conceived WD TV Live Plus, which I reviewed recently. I'll review this new box soon as well, but my initial reaction is mostly positive: The UI is more polished, and the media hub and streaming capabilities appear solid. It's still lacking wireless, which is crazy, and there are no cables of any kind in the box, which is cheap. Also, the services selection is somewhat better than before but nothing like with Boxee or even Roku. It's close. Very close.

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