Zfone Public Beta For Windows Available

Phil Zimmerman's Zfone beta, which provides encryption for VoIP traffic, is now available for Windows platforms. Zimmerman is the inventor of the well-known PGP software.

What makes Zfone unique is that it decentralizes control over encryption keys. Zimmerman said that, "Although it uses a public key algorithm \[...\] it does not use persistant public keys.  \[Zfone works\] without reliance on a PKI, key certification, trust models, certificate authorities, or key management complexity that bedevils the email encryption world. It also does not rely on SIP signaling for the key management, and in fact does not rely on any servers at all. It performs its key agreements and key management in a purely peer-to-peer manner over the RTP packet stream."

I wrote about Zfone back in March 2006. You can read the article, "Zfone Makes Its Debut ," here on our Web site.

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