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What's Hot - 25 Feb 2003

Readers highlight exceptional products that help them do their job.

TimeAcct Information Systems' Disk Triage can monitor disk-space usage across your LAN or WAN. You can size your entire directory structure or disk in one pass. The software organizes the sizing information in a treeview or through graphs and reports. You can print or export each graph or list to an image file or to Microsoft Excel. Disk Triage features a Batch Mode that lets you schedule the program to run during the night and generate a report that you can read the following morning. You can also save the program's output to an .xml file. Windows & .NET Magazine reader Robert Surgeoner of Dallas said of the product, "This program has become a valuable tool for analyzing, monitoring, and managing disk space utilization. The utility is easy to use, produces excellent reports, and provides very detailed analysis of disk usage."

Disk Triage runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Me, and Windows 9x systems. Pricing is $34.95 for the Disk Triage Personal edition and $99.95 for the Disk Triage Enterprise edition.

Enforce Password Policy
ANIXIS, Password Policy Enforcer,, [email protected]

Bryan MacLeod of Denver had plenty of praise for ANIXIS's Password Policy Enforcer (PPE). He said, "I found a little gem that gives me 90 percent of what the big boys offer but at a tiny fraction of the price. On top of the cost savings, the company's technical support has been extremely accommodating, prompt (even though the company is in Australia), and actually concerned that I get a resolution to a problem. Our only problem turned out to be unrelated to the PPE software, yet technical support stayed with us until it was corrected."

PPE checks that every new password complies with password policy, and if the password doesn't comply, the software rejects it and prompts the user to create a new one. PPE also can send users messages to help them create compliant passwords without having to call the Help desk. The software features multiple password policies so that you can set stronger policies for privileged accounts. PPE is licensed on a per-user basis. You'll need a license for every user whose account PPE will oversee and enforce. A 50-user license costs $110. Volume discounts apply.

Speed Up Your Development Tasks
SAPIEN Technologies, Primalscript 2.2,, 707-252-8700

One of the best investments Roy Barbour of Scappoose, Oregon, ever made is SAPIEN Technologies' Primalscript 2.2, a tool that can help to speed up your development tasks. "I'm sure Primalscript has cut my time in half at least! Probably paid for itself in the first week of use," Barbour said.

You can use Primalscript's syntax coloring to visually decipher code to save you time from having to look line by line. Pop-up Object Member Lists and code-completion capabilities help save you keystrokes when you type. The Auto Case Correction feature fixes mistakes that you type. The Primalsense feature is similar in function to IntelliSense in Visual Studio (VS). The software also supports more than 30 languages and supports many of the new features in Windows Script Host (WSH) 5.6. Pricing is $149. If you want to upgrade from version 1.0, the cost is $30.

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