Web Sites Move Toward One-Time PINs

Think you have too many cards in your purse or pocket? Just wait until you have a dozen or more PIN generators to carry around.

PIN generators generate a new PIN every so many seconds that you can use to log on to the issuing Web site one time only. By using a new PIN each time, your personal information remains better protected and access to your accounts becomes much more difficult.

AuctionByes.com recently reported that PayPal is beta testing "PayPal Security Keys," random PIN generators based on VeriSign Unified Authentication. PayPal sells a key for $5, and people are invited to order one now. PayPal's Web site says that the product will become widely available in "early 2007."

Other companies, such as Aussie Bank, Suncorp, and E*Trade Financial, have also integrated token-based technology for stronger user authentication.

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