WatchGuard Launches New SSL VPN Appliances

Watchguard launched two new SSL VPN appliances targeted at medium and large enterprises.

The new WatchGuard SSL 500 can handle a maximum of 500 concurrent client connections and the WatchGuard SSL 1000 can handle as many as 1000 concurrent client connections. The appliances offer single sign-on, federated identity, and clientless SSL VPN access.

"Today more than ever, mobility is the key to increased productivity, and fundamental to global business practices," said Eric Aarrestad, Vice President of Marketing at WatchGuard. "With mobility comes the challenge of managing identities and keeping data secure."

Watchguard said that products include the ability to control which applications can be accessed over a VPN connection and how incoming and outgoing connections are handled. Clients can access a network using a Web browser or by using a Web-deployed desktop client application. The company said that such an approach helps keep the total cost of ownership down to a minimum. The client software tracks user activity and also erases cached data when the software shuts down.

The Watchguard SSL devices are slated to become within 30 days. Pricing for the 1000 model begins at $8500 for 10 client licenses and pricing for the 500 model begins at $5000 for 10 client licenses.

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