WabiSabiLabi Founder Arrested

Roberto Preatoni, founder of vulnerability auction site WabiSabiLabi, was recently arrested in an Italian "spy case." Yikes.

I'm not entirely sure what all the allegations are but it seems the arrest was at least in part due to some sort of penetration testing that Preatoni took part in.

Preatoni recently attended Microsoft's Bluehat conference, and according to a report over at PC World the company said that "if you think of Blue Hat as being \[for\] someone who comes to work with us, that's a mistake." So in other words, Microsoft stands behind their decision to bring in Preatoni to speak at Bluehat. But don't think for a second Microsoft is going to pick up Peratoni's legal bill :-)

You can read more about the arrest over at Techworld, and read what PC World has to say about it on their site too

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