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Updated: What to Expect at RSA Conference 2012


Updated: 2/23/2012 @ 3:50pm MT - Added RSA mobile app info.

Over the last few years I've attended three RSA conferences -- in 2008, 2009, and 2011 -- and this year's conference will be my fourth. Like every other RSA conference I've attended, this one is packed with sessions, keynotes, vendor briefings, press conferences, and an assortment of receptions, parties, and other events.

In order to help you get the most out of RSA, I've put together some tips and pointers about what you can expect to see at the show and how to get the most out of RSA using the most popular social media platforms. I've also pointed out some good Twitter accounts, blogs, and websites to follow for RSA news and discussion, and posted an open invitation to meet with Windows IT Pro readers at the show. Read on for details!


RSA 2012 Themes: Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data Security
Based on some early briefings I've had with several vendors exhibiting at RSA next week, this year's show will have a big focus on three main trends: securing the cloud, improving mobile device security, and leveraging big data to help improve security across the board. Social media security will probably be an ongoing topic, but I'd like to see more coverage of the elephant in the room: poor end-user security training that makes those all-too-human errors, mistakes, and oversights a leading cause for security headaches.

New: RSA Conference Mobile App
The official RSA Conference 2012 mobile app is now available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices; more information can be found on the RSA mobile app page. Users of other smartphone platforms (including Windows Phone) will have to rely on the vanilla, mobile-optimized RSA website.

 RSA 2012 Twitter and Facebook Guide
If you're hoping to keep tabs on what the security community is talking about at the show -- whether you managed to make it to the Moscone Center or not -- you can use Twitter search to look up all the tweets tagged with the #RSAC hashtag. Some of the most entertaining (and useful) commentary from last year's RSA came from conference attendees during the show, so I'd suggest searching for this hashtag often.

There are thousands of security experts (and a few hundred journalists) who will be attending RSA this year, and there are just as many blogs, websites, and twitter accounts to follow. I keep a running list of some of my favorite security authors and experts in my IT security experts Twitter list, so feel free to follow that as well. Keep an eye on the Windows IT Pro Facebook page as I'll be posting images to our RSA 2012 photo gallery throughout the week of February 27th. 

RSA wouldn't be a trade show without a plethora of parties, receptions, and other evening activities, so be sure to check out the RSA Parties Twitter account (@RSAparties) which keeps a running total of all the vendor parties at the show via a public Google calendar.



Security UPDATE and Security UPDATE Extra: RSAC Editions
Next week's Security UPDATE weekly email newsletter (sent on Wednesday, February 29th) will be our annual RSA conference edition, and will be completely focusing on covering all the big news from RSA this year. I've also created a Security UPDATE Extra daily page using that tracks all of the security news and events from across the industry. Follow the links below to follow both information sources.

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Will you be at RSA?
I've always enjoyed talking to Windows IT Pro readers, as you know better than anyone else what security issues are facing IT professionals on a daily basis. As useful as information from security vendors, analysts, and journalists can be, hearing first-hand stories of security triumphs (and failures) is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. So if you're attending RSA and would love to chat, I'd love to buy you a cup of coffee and get your perspective on where you see IT security heading.

Are you heading to the RSA Conference 2012 this year also? Add a comment to this blog post or contribute to the discussion on Twitter.

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