Technology Tidbits

Here's a quick roundup of the tech tidbits I discovered today:

  • Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library V1.0 - this library helps .NET developers prevent cross site scripting (XSS) attacks in Web applications.

  • Decoy State Quantum Key Distribution - a paper by Hoi-Kwong Lo, Xiongfeng Ma, and Kai Chen that describes how to improve quantum cryptography by reducing the possibility of photon splitting attacks. What? You never heard of photon splitting attacks?

  • Windows Defender Beta 2 x64 version - Microsoft's antispyware solution.

  • Defcon 14 Call For Papers - if you want to give a presentation at Defcon 14 in Las Vegas (Aug 4-6) then you have until June 15 to submit your presentation or proposal paper. Defcon organizers say they are "looking for the presentation that the attendees wouldn't ask for, but blows their minds when they see it \[...\] strange demos of Personal GPS jammers, RFID zappers, and HERF madness. Got a MITM attack against cell phones? We want to see it." View the complete CFP at the Defcon site.

  • Jonathan Schwartz's blog - Sun Microsystems' President discusses Sun's promotion of giving away free Niagara servers -- yep, free Sun hardware.

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