Study Shows Over Half Of All Malware Sites Hosted in China

According to a new study by, approximately 52 percent of malware sites are hosted in China., who bills itself as a "neighborhood watch" campaign, said that it conducted its research using data provided by Google through its Safe Browsing initiative.

The group analyzed Google data available as of May 2008 (which contained 213,575 sites) and discovered that 21 percent of infected sites are hosted in the USA. Oddly enough, over 4,200 of malware sites are hosted on Google networks that use netblocks allocated to China.

"Our goal in releasing this report is not to point fingers or to imply that network owners or governments are at fault for the malware on their networks, but rather to start a conversation. When different links in the Internet chain talk to each other and share information, it leads to solutions that in turn lead to a safer Internet for all of us," said Maxim Weinstein, manager of

Weinstein also pointed out that last when the group released a similar report that identified iPowerWeb as a major source of malware sites, iPowerWeb then cleaned up its network and built in better security.

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