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Spyware Trends

According to a recent study by IDC, revenues from sales of anti-spyware solutions will rise from $12 million in 2003 to approximately $305 million by 2008. As you probably know, trends in the proliferation of spyware are causing security vendors to provide anti-spyware solutions through a variety of means including partnering, acquisition, and ground-up development. One of the most interesting points highlighted by IDC's survey of 600 companies is that on average spyware ranked as the fourth largest concern in regard to enterprise security.

If you're shopping for an anti-spyware solution then be sure to read our recent article, "A Flurry of Enterprise Spyware Solutions," which offers a comprehensive list of the available and upcoming solutions on the market today. And put a note on your calendar to watch for our related comparative product review to be published in April.

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