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Security UPDATE--RSA Conference 2005 Highlights--February 23, 2005

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Best Practices for Establishing and Enforcing a Security Policy in Your Business

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1. In Focus: RSA Conference 2005 Highlights

2. Security News and Features

- Recent Security Vulnerabilities

- The New Phish Report Network

- Identity Web Services Framework Now Supports SAML 2.0

3. Security Matters Blog

- McAfee Will Scan your Wi-Fi Config for Vulnerabilities

- Add SonicWALL to Your List of Enterprise Antispyware Solutions

4. Instant Poll

5. Security Toolkit

- Web Chat


- Security Forum Featured Thread

6. New and Improved

- A Second Factor of Authentication for Windows


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Best Practices for Establishing and Enforcing a Security Policy in Your Business

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==== 1. In Focus: RSA Conference 2005 Highlights ====

by Mark Joseph Edwards, News Editor, mark at ntsecurity / net

RSA Conference 2005 took place last week in San Francisco with more than 275 vendors and more than 200 conference sessions. The last I heard, conference organizers were saying that 13,000 people attended, but that count wasn't official. One thing I am sure about is that with that many vendors and conference sessions, nobody saw everything!

There were some interesting announcements at the conference, so if you were not among the thousands who did attend, then here are a few of the highlights from the show:

In his keynote address, Computer Associates (CA) Executive Vice President Russell Artzt pointed out that business executives must now pay very close attention to security concerns at all levels of the company and be ready to thoroughly account for their decision-making processes, primarily due to government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

Cisco Systems announced a new phase of its Self-Defending Network technology. The company said that the new Adaptive Threat Defense phase addresses threats at multiple layers, simplifies architectural designs, and provides enterprisewide containment and control.

RSA Security announced the Security Authentication Roadmap, in which the company will provide a standards-based, enterprise-enabled platform for overall credentials management using strong authentication. The company also announced the RSA Authentication Service, which will help provide consumers with "enterprise-class protection" during their online activities; an RSA SecurID Appliance that provides two-factor authentication for businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees; and RSA SecurID SID700 and SID800 USB-enabled authentication devices.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates announced in his keynote speech that the company will launch new security initiatives that include various software updates, such as a future release of Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0 for Windows XP systems, the scheduled March release of a beta version of its unified Windows Update Service (WUS), Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) 2.0, the release to manufacturing of Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 Enterprise Edition, and Rights Management Services (RMS) Service Pack 1 (SP1). Gates also announced the formation of the Secure Software Forum in partnership with several other companies and the worldwide expansion of its Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program to help developers communicate with each other about developing secure applications.

Shavlik Technologies announced several new products, including NetChk Epicenter, a common GUI for NetChk applications that lets administrators scan numerous systems and applications, view scan results, and correct security problems. The company also announced that it will release patch-management solutions for Unix and Linux platforms--including AIX, HP-UX, Red Hat Linux, and Solaris--sometime in the second quarter of 2005. The company also announced NetChk Spyware and NetChk Shares, which lets administrators discover shared resources on one or more computers, remove shared resources, restrict anonymous access, and test for weak passwords.

Identity management solution provider Abridean joined the BlackBerry ISV Alliance Program, thereby forming a relationship with Research in Motion (RIM). Abridean will help simplify and automate management of Blackberry user accounts in BlackBerry Enterprise Server in combination with other messaging and enterprise systems.

DesktopStandard released PolicyMaker Application Security, which helps adminitrators enforce the practice of giving users the minimum privileges that they need on Windows-based desktops and selectively elevate privileges for users who need them.

Priva Technologies announced an upgrade to its Cleared Security Platform, which uses multifactor authentication in a single-point, end-to-end solution. The product now supports authentication for Web services, Microsoft .NET technology, email signing, and public key infrastructure (PKI).

Seaway Networks released a pretty slick product: the Trident NCA2000-L7P Intrusion Prevention Accelerator Card. The Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS) card can be used to convert servers into filtering appliances. The board provides 2Gbps of full duplex data processing and pattern matching, including processing of network layers 2-7.

Lyris Technologies improved the detection of phishing and other email-related threats in its MailShield Server product with an upgrade to the embedded Mailshell SpamCompiler engine. Lyris said that MailShield Server is available for Windows and Solaris platforms, and a MailShield Pro version for Windows can record all SMTP transactions and provide a searchable audit trail of all incoming and outgoing messages.

And last, but certainly not least, Intense School presented its Live Online Professional Hacking class, led by Ralph Echemendia. The class teaches participants how to think like an intruder so they can protect themselves proactively rather than having to react defensively to intrusions.


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==== 2. Security News and Features ====

Recent Security Vulnerabilities

If you subscribe to this newsletter, you also receive Security Alerts, which inform you about recently discovered security vulnerabilities. You can also find information about these discoveries at

The New Phish Report Network

Microsoft, eBay, PayPal, and Visa have teamed with WholeSecurity to launch the Phish Report Network. The network will serve as a worldwide antiphishing aggregation service.

Identity Web Services Framework Now Supports SAML 2.0

Liberty Alliance has released the second draft of its Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF), which now includes support for the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 specification. Both ID-WSF and SAML provide methods of handling identity in conjunction with the use of Web services.


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Symantec ON iPatch -- Automated Patch Management

On its first "patch Tuesday" of 2005, Microsoft released three software updates to fix security holes in its popular Windows operating system. Symantec ON iPatch provides an automated patch management solution that can handle today's growing number of patches. To learn more visit us at:


==== 3. Security Matters Blog ====

by Mark Joseph Edwards,

Check out these recent entries in the Security Matters blog:

McAfee Will Scan your Wi-Fi Config for Vulnerabilities

McAfee launched a new free service that uses a downloadable ActiveX control to scan your wireless networking configuration for vulnerabilities. The company's new Wi-FiScan Web page says that the service can suggest security measures to correct problems that it finds in your configuration.

Add SonicWALL to Your List of Enterprise Antispyware Solutions

You can add SonicWALL to the list of enterprise antispyware solutions. The company announced the addition of "dynamic spyware detection and prevention capabilities" to its line of gateway security offerings.

==== 4. Instant Poll ====

Results of Previous Poll:

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New Instant Poll:

Do you think Microsoft should offer Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0 for Windows 2000 platforms?

Go to the Security Hot Topic and submit your vote for

- Yes

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==== 5. Security Toolkit ====

Web Chat: Group Policy

Darren Mar-Elia will answer your questions about troubleshooting Group Policy in a chat February 24, 12:00 P.M. EST. Look for his article, "Troubleshooting Group Policy-Related Problems," in the February 2005 issue of Windows IT Pro magazine, and join the chat at


by John Savill,

Q. What's the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool?

Find the answer at

Security Forum Featured Thread: Possible IIS 6.0 and XMLHTTP Security Issue

A forum participant has a client application that creates XML documents that include both text and bin.base64 nodes. Posting is done from the client application using the MSXML2.XMLHTTP.4.0 component to the Active Server Pages (ASP) server application on Microsoft IIS 6.0. The request is loaded into an MSML2.DOMDocument.4.0 object. Sometimes the loading fails and the request is empty. The failure doesn't happen on an IIS 5.1 server. Join the discussion at


==== Announcements ====

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==== 6. New and Improved ====

by Renee Munshi, [email protected]

A Second Factor of Authentication for Windows

Entrust announced Entrust IdentityGuard for Microsoft Windows, which adds a second factor of authentication for users logging on to Windows desktops. In addition to entering his or her username and password, a user is asked to enter a set of numbers and or characters. The user must find the correct characters on a grid supplied by his or her organization on a wallet-sized plastic card, in conjunction with a building-access card, or in electronic form for portable devices accessing the corporate network. Entrust IdentityGuard for Microsoft Windows will be available for beta in first quarter 2005, with commercial availability in second quarter 2005. For more information, go to

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