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SANS Reports Most Dangerous Vulnerabilities for Q1 2005

SANS released a list of what it considers to be the most dangerous vulnerabilities discovered in the first quarter 1 of 2005. Selection criteria for the list required that the vulnerabilities affect a large number of users, that a large number of systems have not loaded corresponding vendor-provided patches, that they allow a remote intruder to take control over an affected system, that ample detail has been published that could lead to the creation of exploits, and that they were either discovered or patched in Q1 of 2005.

Seven vulnerabilities included in the list affect Microsoft products. Other products in the list include Computer Associates License Manager, Oracle's database server, media players from Winamp, iTunes, and RealPlayer, antivirus products from Symantec, Trend Micro, and McAfee, as well as DNS services in Symantec security products and Windows operating systems.

Patches are available for all of the vulnerabilities, which are listed in the SANS report . The report also includes links to vendor advisories and the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures database.

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