Sandboxie Boxes In Your Applications

Sandboxie runs applications inside a "sandbox" so that when you close the application all traces of its activity are deleted. There are some issues to keep in mind though. For example, if your application makes changes to external databases or files on remote systems then those traces of activity will most likely remain. On the hand, if you use Sandboxie for applications such as a Web browser then it'll help protect your privacy since the cookies, disk cache, etc., will all be erased when Sandboxie closes the browser. Another claimed benefit of Sandboxie is that if you use it to run your email application then any viruses or Trojans that might slip through won't affect your system. Instead they'll remain inside the sandbox and become removed when you close the mail application. The tool installs a low-level driver to help it get its work done. It also uses "transient storage" to fascilitate any required disk I/O. Overall the tool looks really good so far. If you want to take a look download a copy over at Snapfiles

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