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RSAC: 2011 RSA Conference Guide

As I mentioned in last week's Security UPDATE email newsletter, I'm putting together a 2011 RSA Conference Guide that lists some of the most promising products slated to be announced and demonstrated at RSA this year. I've posted a few of them in this article, and I'll be adding more vendor product previews daily as the conference continues. Bookmark this 2011 RSA Conference Guide page for continuing RSA conference product updates.


Trust and security in the cloud are hot topics this year at RSA, two themes that Bit9 seems to address with its latest release, a cloud-based reputation service called the Bit9 Global Software Registry (GSR). Bit9 also announced that it has provided an application programming interface (API) that will allow other security vendors to integrate their products with Bit9 GSR.

Bit9 claims that the GSR service "is the world’s largest and most complete authority on software, providing reputation ratings to help users identify, categorize, authenticate and trust software." According to Bit9 Chief Strategy Officer Tom Murphy, the GSR provides application white-listing for more than 8 billion file records. The Bit9 GSR APIs are available now. For more information, visit the Bit9 website.


Managing the misuse of employee resources is the focus on SpectorSoft's new ViziSafe product. According to SpectorSoft Senior Director of Product Strategy Jeani Park, ViziSafe provides "visibility into application access patterns and usage," and then presents reports and analysis that make it easy to spot unusual application usage that could point to a larger security problem. "Rather than manually searching through log files, ViziSafe make it easy to find unusual usage patterns."
SpectorSoft isn't exhibiting at RSA (although SpectorSoft executives will be attending). For more information, visit the ViziSafe website.

Symantec took the wraps off Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 at RSA this week. According to Symantec Senior Product Marketing Manager Dan Schrader, this release of the product is a substantial rewrite that Symantec consider the most significant release of the product since 2007. Schrader mentioned three key areas where the product has been improved over previous releases, including: improved program performance, enhanced threat detection and prevention by way of Symantec Insight and Sonar 3 (a new behavioral-reputation engine), and enhanced support for virtualized environments. For more information (and to register for the beta), visit the Symantec website.


Titus will be demonstrating Titus Aware, a new product that protects email data from loss by bringing "user-driven security to the desktop." Titus Aware will integrate with Microsoft Outlook, and promises to educate and alert users to security breaches before they happen. If you're attending the RSA Conference in person, you can see a demo of Titus Aware at Booth 1837. For more information, visit the Titus Aware RSA website.

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