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Quest Software Touts New Features of Secure Copy 6.0

When it comes to business software vendors, Quest Software has earned a well-deserved reputation as a company that places a high priority on product and company acquisitions as part of its business strategy. Keeping all of those acquired brands and products happily integrated under the larger Quest Software umbrella can be a challenge, as anyone attempting to blend mixed families can attest. (I'd also love to hear from readers that have been using products from companies that have been acquired by Quest, so feel free to add a comment to this blog post.)

Scriptlogic was acquired by Quest Software in August 2007, and Secure Copy 6.0 -- released in late January -- is one of the first Scriptlogic products to be branded under the Quest umbrella. The first Secure Copy was released by Small Wonders Software, which was acquired by Scriptlogic in 2003.

Some of the new features introduced in Secure Copy 6.0 include a revamped user interface (now with context-sensitive help), new native support for both 32-bit and 64-bit hardware, volume shadow copy service (VSS) support, and a host of new dashboard and report generation options. Quest had also prepared a PDF document that outlines all of the new Secure Copy 6.0 features (click link to download) in more detail.

I spoke with Todd Tobias (Product Manager) and Ryan Oistacher (Product Marketing) about the latest release of Secure Copy, and they suggested that Secure Copy has managed to carve out an audience of IT professionals that require more advanced data management and data migration tools that what may be offered elsewhere in the market. Staple command-line Windows tools like Xcopy and Robocopy can be used for many bulk file-copy and data migration tasks, but both Tobias and Oistacher stress that those tools have limits, especially for larger enterprises with more complex data migration needs. "Many of our competitors are free that haven't been updated or supported for years," Oistacher said. "Our customers wanted the ability to manage [file transfers and data migrations] from one interface." Oistacher and Tobias also indicated that roughly 5000 copies of the software have been sold to date, primarily to mid- to large-enterprises.

Secure Copy 6.0 is available now, and Quest is currently offering a 30-day free evaluation period for the product at

Have you ever used -- or are currently using -- a version of Secure Copy? Add a comment to this blog post or contribute to the discussion on Twitter with your thoughts.


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