PGP Back in Action: 8.0 Beta Released to Public

PGP announced the release of PGP 8.0 Beta, which is available for download at the company's Web site. The new encryption software beta is open to anyone, and the beta products expire on December 6, 2002.

According to the company, "PGP 8.0 for Windows includes PGP Mail, PGP Disk and PGP Admin, offering numerous improvements as well as the following new features: full Windows XP and Office XP compatibility, full server-side support for the Lotus Notes plug-in, support for Novell GroupWise 5.5. and 6.0 messaging client, significantly expanded Unicode support, directory integration with iPlanet Directory Server, Microsoft Active Directory and Novell NDS, PGP Admin can now preconfigure automatic creation of PGP Disk volumes, and Enhanced Smart Card functionality including support for Aladdin eTokens."

The company also plans to release PGP 8.0 for Macintosh. The company said, "\[PGP 8.0\] brings full Mac OS X support to the PGP product line. An all-new version of PGP Disk allows compatibility with PGP disks created on Windows, AES algorithm support, and compatibility with older Mac OS 9 PGP disks. PGP Mail for Mac OS X directly integrates with Apple's mail application as well as providing support for Microsoft's Entourage."

PGP 8.0 for Windows is available for purchase immediately, even though the beta process is still underway. The company will accept orders for the Macintosh version sometime before the end of the year. The company said that "under the current purchase program, new customers will receive the 7.1.1 version now plus a full year license of PGP 8.0 when it ships."

In December 1997 certain assets and rights for PGP products were sold to Network Associates (NAI). However NAI eventually stopped development of the product lines, and former NAI employees as well as others formed a new company to continue developing PGP products. In August this year, PGP purchased back a portion of the assets that were sold to NAI, and launched its own effort to reinstate development of the PGP Desktop and Wireless encryption products.

According to a company spokesperson, "The new PGP Corporation was created in June 2002 by a management team comprised of technology industry veterans from Vantive, PeopleSoft, Symantec, and Counterpane Internet Security, Inc, and former PGP executives, developers, and patent holders. The new entity raised $14 million of venture funding from Doll Capital Management and Venrock Associates.

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