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NT OBJECTives Offers Two Free Security Tools

NT OBJECTives announced that it has made its NTOinsight 2.0 Web sight analysis and NTOweb vulnerability assessment tools freely available. NTOinsight catalogs a Web site's content, architecture, and dependencies, and can identify areas that might be used as attack points by intruders.

NTOweb is a plug-in for NTOinsight that introduces functionality to allow NTOinsight to use the Nikto vulnerability database. Nikto is an open-source Web server scanner. By integrating the Nikto database NTOinsight can scan hundreds of different Web server platforms to check for over 3100 known vulnerabilities. 

Mike Shema, CSO of NT OBJECTives , said that so far the company has served over 10,000 downloads of NTOinsight since the initial release of version 1.0 six months ago. Among the new features for version 2.0 is support for proxies, NTLM authentication, and improved Javascript parsing.

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