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New Security Patches and Updates From Microsoft

Microsoft didn't release any new security bulletins in March but the company did update previous bulletins (MS02-005 and MS02-015) to include patches for Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition (Me). The company also released an updated version of its Malicious Software Removal Tool.

Bulletin MS05-002 , rated critical, corrects problems with cursor and icon handling. MS05-015 , also rated critical, corrects an unchecked buffer in the Hyperlink Objects library. Both problems could allow a remote intruder to launch code on an affected system.

Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool has been updated to include the ability to remove malware based on Bagle, Sober, Sobig, Bropia, and Goweh, as well as 11 new variants of MyDoom and 160 new variants of Gaobot.

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