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New & Improved, October 2006

Single Point of Authentication for Heterogeneous Security Domains

Radiant Logic announced RadiantOne Virtual Directory Server (VDS) 4.5, a virtual directory solution that acts as an LDAP proxy server or a Web service to provide a single authentication point and a global directory for heterogeneous security domains. RadiantOne uses the Kerberos network authentication protocol and further extends Windows authentication by integrating with Active Directory (AD). A free 45-day trial version of RadiantOne is available. Contact Radiant Logic for pricing information., 415-209-6800

Control Your IT Assets Through AD and Group Policy

Special Operations Software announced a new Group Policy client-side extension, Specops Inventory. This tool uses your existing Active Directory (AD) infrastructure to gather information on all your IT assets, from both the computer's and the logged-on user's perspective. Specops Inventory's subscription functionality lets you know in real time whether you're software-license and Service Level Agreement (SLA)-compliant. Specops Inventory also tells you when you have too many licenses. For pricing information, contact Special Operations Software., 416-849-5325, 866-857-5325

New Boundary Automates Access Control

New Boundary Technologies specializes in solutions that automate the management of IT and remote assets. The company's Policy Commander solution automatically secures computers and controls access to electronic information, according to Pete Ketchum, product manager. The software operates through policies stored on a central server, a small client running on all systems, and a Web-based UI. Key features are granular assignment and applicability of policies, 24x7 monitoring, a top-level view of compliance status, automated and offline remediation and enforcement, a policy knowledge base, and a policy editor. Policies are based on guidelines from standards bodies such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Microsoft security templates and are stored in the Security Policy Knowledge Base, an online repository that customers can access to download new policies as they become available. Administrators can also create their own policies and can set up rules to determine which computers should get specific policies. The current version of Policy Commander is 1.5; version 2, with a new admin console and enhanced reporting, is due out at the end of the year., 612-379-3805, 800-747-4487

Bring CDP to Your Clustered NAS Platform

Exanet announced ExaStore CDP, a continuous data protection (CDP) solution that integrates with clustered NAS platforms. ExaStore CDP provides an infinite set of data recovery points, and its integrated replication functionality captures block-level changes on a continuous basis, reducing the amount of space you need for storage. You can also use ExaStore CDP to transfer your information to a secondary disaster-recovery system, with the ability to reconstruct data from any snapshot taken. Contact Exanet for pricing information., 888-539-2638

Control Your Endpoint Devices

Altiris announced the Altiris Endpoint Security Solution, software to help protect your computers and data. This announcement results from a strategic relationship with Senforce Technologies and its location-aware endpoint security capabilities, which will be natively manageable from the Altiris console. Altiris Endpoint Security Solution automates the enforcement of security policies that adjust to unique user environments, shields PCs from malware and hackers, and supports established security policies and technologies. The product will control network connectivity, wireless communications, and removable storage devices., 801-226-8500, 888-252-5551

Real-Time NAC Solution— Without Agents or Specialized Hardware

Insightix announced its first real-time Network Access Control (NAC) solution, Insightix NAC, which requires no specialized hardware or software agents. Insightix NAC provides you with complete contextual IT infrastructure information through discovery of your IT assets and their associated properties, including element type, MAC address, IP address, OS, and switch and connected port. Insightix NAC lets you leverage this information to define an enforceable network access policy that continually monitors your network and detects in real time when any new device tries to connect to the network. Contact Insightix for pricing information., 508-620-4788

Simplify Branch Office Computing

Nortel Networks announced the Business Continuity System (BCS) 3000, a hardware appliance that helps migrations to an "IT-Thin" branch office architecture by reducing the amount of technology and skilled resources each remote location requires. BCS 3000 reduces communication costs by increasing WAN link efficiency between branch offices and the main office, provides global visibility and control of your entire network from a single location, embeds Windows Storage Server, and leverages Windows Server security, networking, and directory technologies. For pricing information, contact Nortel Networks., 800-466-7835

Give Your Organization an IT Service Desk Solution

LANDesk Software adds to its IT service management portfolio with the release of a new service desk solution, LANDesk Service Desk. The product helps you comply with best-practice standards such as IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and integrates with other LANDesk solutions, including LANDesk Management Suite, LANDesk Security Suite, and LANDesk Process Manager. LANDesk Service Desk is designed to combine process-driven call management, role-based privilege sets, automatic actions, assignment, service levels, and escalation. Contact LANDesk Software for pricing information., 800-982-2130

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