New & Improved, June 2006

Meet Regulatory Requirements with Compliance Modules
Imperva announced three compliance modules for its SecureSphere line of gateway appliances. The modules help you comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act requirements. Each module is configured to assess, audit, and report on data within its security guidelines. The SecureSphere/SOX Compliance Solution Bundle ensures that your financial reports are based on accurate, secure data. The SecureSphere/PCI Compliance Solution Bundle addresses seven of the twelve components of the PCI standard. The SecureSphere/HIPAA Compliance Solution Bundle helps you address aspects of HIPAA's Administrative and Technical Safeguards sections. Pricing starts at $42,500 for a SecureSphere gateway appliance with one compliance module., 650-345-9000, 866-926-4678

Use Thumbnails to Monitor Your Network
NetSupport announced NetSupport Manager (NSM) 9.5, remote control and desktop-management software. NSM features real-time hardware and software inventory reporting for Linux systems in addition to the product's existing Windows-based reporting capabilities. NSM also supports 64-bit Intel and AMD processors on Windows XP 64-Bit Edition, Windows Server 2003 Standard x64 Edition, and Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition. Thumbnail views help you monitor your network's connected users. A free 14-day trial version is available. For pricing information, contact NetSupport., 770-205-4456, 888-665-0808

Color-Coded Charts Simplify Compliance
Ecora Software released Enterprise Auditor 4, an agentless Change and Configuration Management (CCM) tool that features a new integrated inCOMAND Compliance Management Dashboard. The dashboard houses your built-in security policies and provides up-to-date information about your compliance status. inCOMAND also provides color-coded pie charts so that you can quickly view your compliance levels. Enterprise Auditor provides a single console that lets you make changes to multiple systems throughout your infrastructure. For more information, contact Ecora Software., 603-436-1616, 877-923-2672

Quickly Recover Data with Point-of-Failure Recovery
Sonasoft announced SonaSafe for File Systems, image-level backup and recovery software for Windows Server 2003 and your print servers, fax servers, and Web servers. Bare metal recovery and open-file backup and recovery capabilities ensure continuous business operation with minimal interruption. The product also features point-of-failure recovery, letting you recover files from a specific point in time. For more information, contact Sonasoft., 408-927-6200

Access Network Information from Anywhere
Raritan announced CommandCenter NOC (CC-NOC), an infrastructure management appliance that provides network traffic analysis, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, and asset management and reporting services. You can use a Web-based browser to access CC-NOC's dashboard, which lets you identify security vulnerabilities as well as access current information about your network performance and hardware and software assets. CC-NOC is based on open standards, letting you integrate the appliance with third-party management systems such as HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, and CA Unicenter. Pricing for CC-NOC starts at $5995., 732-764-8886, 800-724-8090

Monitor Changes to Your Server Environment
NetIQ announced NetIQ Change Administrator, a solution for controlling and managing changes to your operations server environment. With Change Administrator, you can control server changes with just-in-time permissions and time-based delegation, reducing unauthorized changes. The operator-activity dashboard gives you a high-level view of any accessed servers. Change Administrator also helps you simplify the auditing process by providing activity reports that show specific server changes. Pricing for Change Administrator starts at $2000 per server., 408-856-3000, 888-323-6768

Support Policy and Risk Management in One Solution
Elemental Security released The Elemental Security Platform (ESP) 2, a host-agent solution for identifying and resolving security and compliance problems in enterprise networks. ESP provides more than 2000 rules and templates that you can combine and customize to enable security benchmarking, monitor regulatory requirements, and enforce security best practices. ESP also provides detailed reporting, rule exception granting, and policy support for antivirus and antispyware applications. With ESP, you can support as many as 10,000 managed agents per server. For pricing information, contact Elemental Security., 650-292-1400

Product Spotlight
Easy, Affordable Identity Management, 408-325-8668 or 888-210-6363
On a quest to provide affordable identity and access management (IAM) to organizations of all sizes, A10 Networks offers its IDSentrie 1000 appliance as an alternative to traditionally complex and expensive IAM solutions. Although not a full-blown IAM product, IDSentrie includes the most popular and useful elements of such a product in an easily deployed box. A virtual directory service coordinates with directories across heterogeneous networks and lets you provision user accounts, passwords, and attributes. Using comma-separated value (CSV) files from an HR system, IDSentrie can perform batched account setup and deletion. The Web GUI lets you manage accounts from a central location, replicates accounts across data sources such as Active Directory (AD), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Linux, and Kerberos, and helps organizations move toward a one-username, one-password environment.

IDSentrie's unique IDentity Event Manager technology can obtain syslog data from devices such as firewalls, Access Points (APs), routers, and switches. The more than 140 built-in reports include not just a user or host's IP address but also the name of the user or host associated with the event.

A self-help portal lets users access a Web-based kiosk to change or recover a password and synchronizes the new password automatically across all data sources. Users who exceed the allowed number of incorrect logon attempts and are locked out of their accounts can answer a series of challenge questions to unlock the account without Help desk intervention. For more information and pricing, contact A10 Networks.

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