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New & Improved - 28 Jun 2005

Postini Perimeter Manager Small Business Edition
Postini released Postini Perimeter Manager Small Business Edition, a managed email security service that was designed for the requirements of small businesses. The service addresses spam and virus blocking for small businesses, which receive 10 times more spam than large companies. The service is optimized for companies with unsophisticated email infrastructures, simplified policy needs, and a small IT staff with limited budget resources. You can activate Postini Perimeter Manager Small Business Edition in minutes with a simple modification to your DNS MX record. After the product is activated, all email to your business flows through Postini's data centers where threats are blocked. The service is easy to activate, configure, and maintain with no hardware, software, updates, or patches to worry about. As a managed service, Postini operates 24 × 7 through multiple and redundant data centers in the United States and Europe.

Postini Perimeter Manager Small Business Edition features automated user account creation to reduce administration overhead, preconfigured service settings for small businesses, 7-day disaster-recovery spooling to protect against email system outages, and an actionable quarantine summary, which makes it easier for end users to manage their quarantined messages.

"After analyzing the 95 billion messages we processed for our customers in 2004, we realized that small businesses actually get more spam per person than large customers and have the least resources for dealing with the problem," Andrew Lochart, Postini senior director of product marketing, said. "We were hearing from our small business customers that anything we could do to better tailor the Postini Perimeter Manager service to their needs would be welcome. Perimeter Manager Small Business Edition is the result of months of development aimed at providing the world's best spam and virus filtering in an even easier to use service."

Pricing for the Postini Perimeter Manager Small Business Edition is $25 per user per year., 650-216-3574, 888-584-3150

Sync, Access, and Share Data Between Multiple Computers
BeInSync released BeInSync Pro 1.5, secure peer-to-peer (P2P) synchronization software that lets mobile professionals and small business users synchronize, access, and share data between multiple computers. The software ensures that data stored on multiple computers is always available to be shared. BeInSync Pro features flexible shares to let the user share any folder without moving the folder from its original location. The software also features a complete wizard-based interface to make file synchronization and sharing easier. Pricing is $59.95 per year, and you can install BeInSync Pro on as many as three computers., 646-546-5030

Find Which Machines Are Firewall-Compliant
Gravity Storm Software released Service Pack Manager 7.0, software that now features the functionality to manage Windows Firewall on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP network machines. You can automatically detect all the machines on your network that are running Windows Firewall, and you can scan and determine which machines are in compliance with user-defined Windows Firewall policy. Service Pack Manager doesn't require you to use Active Directory (AD), Group Policy, or scripting. Pricing starts at $495 for as many as 15 managed computers., 858-792-0162

Collect System Information
Multima released NetKeeper Express 8.0, a software inventory program that monitors installed hardware, software, OSs, and PC system information. The software provides you with an automatic way to collect information about networked or standalone PCs and input that information into a Microsoft SQL Server database. NetKeeper doesn't require software installation on workstations to view or collect the PCs' software or system data. You only install the software on the server. You can also track software patches and installation. Pricing is $2.95 per workstation., 800-532-4862

Purchase a Switch for Your Growing Network
SMC Networks released the TigerStack IV 24-port 10/100 Stackable Managed Switch (SMC6224M) that features two ports for Category 5 cabled stacking that you can alternatively use as Gigabit uplink ports. The switch is ideal for workgroup environments with high bandwidth requirements and can operate in a stack of up to eight units with two Gigabit uplinks each. If bandwidth is a concern, you can convert stack ports to additional Gigabit uplink ports. Pricing is $399.99., 800-762-4968

Identify Security, Network, and Storage Risks
Symantec released Symantec Systems Continuity Service (SSCS) to help businesses establish and maintain a more resilient IT infrastructure. SSCS provides a thorough audit of a company's IT infrastructure to identify security, network, and storage risks. Consultants provide a detailed action list and policy recommendations to help a business protect against unforeseen system attacks or disasters, help meet industry and regulatory compliance requirements, and maintain continuous availability of systems and information., 408-517-8000, 800-745-6054

Collaborate with Geographically Dispersed Employees
Vonexus released Vonexus Live Conference with Microsoft Office Live Meeting, a joint solution that lets you use Microsoft Outlook meeting requests to schedule both Vonexus Live Conference and Live Meeting sessions. The Vonexus Live Conference product provides you with an on-premise audio conference server. Other features include Web-based reporting and administration, on-demand recording, encrypted security features, and scalability of as many as several hundred participants per call. Contact Vonexus for pricing., 888-817-5904, [email protected]

Quickly Resume Operation After Failure
Zetta Systems released Zetta Server IR, a software-based solution for real-time data protection and instant recovery. Zetta Server IR provides connection-independent instantaneous recovery for Fibre Channel, Internet SCSI (iSCSI), and IP-based storage infrastructures so that companies with blended environments can protect data, regardless of storage platform. Zetta Server IR virtualizes the physical storage attached to it and presents it as block level. Software pricing starts at $5000 for single server protection and scales to $18,000 for protecting multiple email, database, and file servers., 425-485-5548, 800-618-3282, [email protected]

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