New & Improved - 27 Feb 2008

Product Spotlight

Storage/Backup and Recovery
Optimize Key DPM 2007 Tape Archive Functions FalconStor Software announced that it has successfully tested all its virtual tape library (VTL) storage solutions with Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007. IT storage planners and architects can now combine DPM 2007 with new and existing heterogeneous environments by integrating FalconStor VTL features with multiple backup applications that share tape library resources. Falcon- Stor presented its VTL solutions at Microsoft TechEd last year in Barcelona, Spain. For more information, contact FalconStor at 866-669-3252 or visit

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Microsoft Systems Center Operation Manager
Create and Display Operations Manager Information Visually

Bringing visual mapping features to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 is the focus of Savision’s new mapping product: Live Maps for Operations Manager 2007. According to Savision, this product is the first mapping product to integrate with Operation Manager. Using Live Maps, admins can create visual, map-based views of their IT infrastructures. Each user of the system can have a unique view into the data that Live Maps generates, from a strategic, top-level view for the CIO to a functional, operational perspective for a network administrator. For more information, contact Savision at [email protected] or visit

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Backup and Recovery
Real-time Mirroring, Synchronization, and Backups on Windows

RAID-1 capabilities are typically available only in hardware, which is expensive. Techsoft offers a less expensive alternative with MirrorFolder 4.1, a real-time mirroring and synchronization application that backs up files from a local Windows drive to any local, removable, or network drive. In RAID-1 mode, MirrorFolder creates a real-time, bootable backup of your hard drive on another local drive. Mirror- Folder works on Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 Server servers. For more information, contact Techsoft at [email protected] or visit

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Manage User Account Lockouts Account Lockout Examiner

from NetWrix is designed to help IT pros manage and troubleshoot account lockout policy. NetWrix tracks account lockouts in real-time, and can be configured to automate work related to detecting and responding to account lockout situations. A Web-based portal allows help desk personnel to manage account lockout issues, and many program functions are accessible remotely from handheld devices. A version of Account Lockout Examiner for PowerShell is also available. For more information, contact NetWrix at 888-638-9749 or visit

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