Network Security Toolkit v1.4.0

This excellent bootable toolkit has been updated with several useful enhancements. Ron Henderson, lead developer of the project, points them out for us:

  • Updated to run under Fedora Core 4 using the Linux Kernel: 2.6.15-1.1831_FC4 or 2.6.15-1.1831_FC4smp.
  • Time Management - NTP, hardware clock and system clock management.
  • Network Packet Capture - An enhanced NST WUI (Web user interface) web-based front-end to the tethereal network protocol anaylzer.
  • Network Packet Capture Manager - Provides a means to manage network packet capture files on a NST probe.
  • An enhanced NST WUI web-based file system mounting page.
  • PDF rendering for most output including network packet capture decoding.
  • Enhanced directory and file viewing pages with auto refresh.
  • Introduced browser session saving for many NST WUI pages.
  • Add a simpilfied front-end to the NST WUI for beginner users.
  • Network Monitoring - integrated the Nagios networking tool into the NST WUI.
  • Better navigation and flow when using the NST WUI pages.
  • Most networking and security applications have been updated to their latest version.
Check it out and download an ISO at the NST Web site.

If you've never used NST then read my review of a previous version NST.

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