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Need Hands on Time in a Cisco Lab?

The folks over at the Web site have announced they are providing a fully equipped lab with Cisco hardware. A notice posted at the site reads:

We have decided to make a world-wide breakthrough and extend our site's value & services by providing you with the world's FIRST FREE fully equipped Cisco lab!

The Cisco Lab will aim to allow all our site members to gain real experience on Cisco's equipment through a series of labs which will cover different levels of expertise and knowledge.

Equipment to be used will include.....

... Cisco routers from the 1600, 2500, 2600 and possibly 4000 series. Catalyst switches from the 3550, 3500, 2950 and 1900 series, Pix Firewall 501-506, and possibly a Cisco Call Manager which will cover the IP Telephony services.

Furthermore, ISDN simulators will be available enabling real calls between routers, allowing the use of real time backup connections and much more.

Registration to our site will be a requirement and every user will have the option to book up to a 3 hour session per day via an automatic booking system.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please do post them in our forums! "

So if you're studying for your CCSP or just need to experiment with Cisco solutions then head on over and join up.

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