My Toaster Crashed

No matter how you label it, categorize it, or twist definitions to minimize your hang-out, coding errors create security bugs. It's as simple as that. So don't be surprised if someone crashes your toaster someday.

OK, I'm being a bit cynical there. I just finished reading a story over at CSO Online about how a guy crashed the in-flight entertainment system on an airliner. It was simple to do, and he was able to do it because of coding errors made by programmers, and because he knows a bit about what happens inside a program. So he was able to use that knowledge to cause a crash -- of the entertainment system, fortunately not the airplane.

This naturally made me wonder what it'd be like to have a fully computerized home connected to a wireless grid that I can access anywhere. If I can access it then who else can? I have to trust the developers and that makes me really nervous because I don't trust developers. Why should I ?

Is it any wonder then that I don't have a cell phone? And, umm, I don't have an answering machine either. Seriously. LOL!

Anyway head over and read the story. It's really interesting.

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