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Multiple Vulnerabilities with CyberOffice Shopping Cart

Reported October 2, 2000 by Delphis Consulting

  • CyberOffice Shopping Cart v2


Multiple vulnerabilities have been found with CyberOffice v2 running on Windows NT Server.


The first vulnerability makes it possible for a malicious user to modify the hidden unit price field in the HTML source then submit the form with a zero or negative values.

The second vulnerability exposes sensitive customer information including credit card data.  In its default configuration, customer order information, including credit card information is left unprotected and un-encrypted.  The information is stored in a Microsoft Access Database and is stored in a unprotected directory, /_private/


The vendor, SmartWin, has made some recommendations on fixing these problem.

The first issue, price modification, can be avoided by modifying the Authorized URL(s) setting under System Settings in the software.

To address the second issue, SmartWin recommends that users adjust the permissions to READ on the /_private/ directory.

Discovered by Delphis Consulting

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