Microsoft's Online Security Papers

Many people still aren't familiar with Windows 2000-related security. To help get up to speed, Microsoft has made lots of information available online. For example, in one streaming media presentation, Microsoft's Darol Timberlake discusses various Win2K security enhancements, such as Kerberos, the new Encrypted File System (EFS), the IP Security (IPSec) protocol, group policies, and security templates. You can find Timberlake's presentation at Microsoft's Product Support Services Web site.

In addition, Microsoft's Web site has dozens of papers that give users in-depth information and deployment procedures for Windows 2000 Security Services, including security management using the Microsoft Security Configuration Tool Set and support for IPSec, EFS, public key infrastructure (PKI), smart cards, and Kerberos. You can find this supplemental reading at Microsoft's Windows 2000 Web site

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