Microsoft Set to Tackle Global Cybercrime with New On-Campus War Room

Microsoft Set to Tackle Global Cybercrime with New On-Campus War Room

Today, Microsoft has announced the opening of a new Cybercrime Center located on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington. The facility comes complete with a threat intelligence map, evidence room, forensics lab, malware analysis lab, and a situation room, much like you'd find in an action/adventure movie.

Per the Microsoft announcement:

The Cybercrime Center will tackle online crimes, including those associated with malware, botnets, intellectual property theft and technology-facilitated child exploitation. The work done at the Cybercrime Center will help ensure that people worldwide can use their computing devices and services with confidence.

In addition to the CSI-type rooms and labs, the Cybercrime Center also provides a secondary location where third-party partners can work securely with Microsoft to help continue to evolve and adapt the offering to match the ever-changing online security landscape.

Read the full announcement: Microsoft unveils state-of-the-art Cybercrime Center

Visit the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit Newsroom: Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit

And, checkout the Digital Detectives web site to learn more about the current state of Cybercrime: Microsoft Digital Detectives

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