Microsoft Licenses RSA Security Technology

RSA Security announced that Microsoft has licensed RSA technology for use in Microsoft's products. The first initiatives that stem from this agreement are the use of RSA Security's RSA SecurID two-factor authentication software.

Using RSA ACE/Agent, Microsoft can directly integrate RSA SecurID directly into software applications. RSA said the first Microsoft product to sport this functionality will be Microsoft's Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000. The functionality will ship in an upcoming set of ISA Server product enhancements.

RSA said it has developed a new "RSA SecurID Software Token for the Windows Pocket PC 2002 software platform. Windows Pocket PC-powered

devices can now function as RSA SecurID authenticators, thus eliminating the need for users to carry separate hardware tokens. Used in conjunction with RSA ACE/Server authentication management software, RSA SecurID authenticators positively identify users and \[help\] prevent unauthorized access to networks and systems."

Craig Mundie, Chief Technical Officer and senior vice president of advanced strategies and policy at Microsoft said, "Working closely with other vendors in the security community is a critical component in making Trustworthy Computing a reality for our customers. The projects we're undertaking with RSA Security will provide tangible evidence of our progress toward creating a more trusted computing environment, and underscore our commitment to providing more powerful security solutions for our customers."

TAGS: Windows 8
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