Microsoft to Issue Early Patch for Zero-Day Exploit

Microsoft announced Monday that it would deliver an out of band (OOB) security update for the recently disclosed Windows animated mouse cursor flaw, which has resulted in a so-called "zero-day" exploit. That is, the software giant will deliver a patch for this flaw in advance of its regularly scheduled monthly security patch schedule.

Microsoft says it will ship the patch tomorrow, on Tuesday, April 3, 2007, one week before its regularly scheduled patch day release. The flaw, which involves a part of the Internet Explorer (IE) rendering engine, has already led to widespread dissemination of exploit code online, which required Microsoft to move more quickly on the patch.

The flaw only affects users running various versions of Windows, though you can protect yourself by using a non-IE browser such as Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft's patch will be made available via Windows Update, Automatic Updates, and direct download from

TAGS: Windows 8
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