KeyLabs Says Sygate Out-Performs Symantec

Sygate Technologies announced that independent testing laboratory KeyLabs conducted a comparison test that showed that the company's Sygate Secure Enterprise 3.0 outperformed Symantec's Client Security 2.0.

KeyLabs performed what it terms "end-point" security testing. According to KeyLabs the idea of end-point security is basically that "endpoints are critical because the inability to control the actions and behaviors of end users across an entire organization results in the breakdown of enterprise security." KeyLabs objectives for testing the two products was to define key features of end-point security, explain why each feature is important, and to compare the two products according to an end-point security feature list.

In the report, KeyLabs states that there are three strong conclusions to be drawn. According to the report, "the Sygate Secure Enterprise Solution 3.0 has a more comprehensive enterprise management feature set than Symantec Client Security 2.0 ... Sygate also does a more effective job facilitating policy enforcement in large organizations ... Sygate's solution more effectively reduces total cost of ownership."

Complete details of the report are available from KeyLabs in PDF format at

TAGS: Windows 8
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