KB3008923 Gets a Fix for Internet Explorer 11 Issues

KB3008923 Gets a Fix for Internet Explorer 11 Issues

As many patching experts are trying hard to obtain that calm and peace talked about in Christmas songs, Microsoft has concocted one last explosive gasp to deliver.

As you know already, amid its monthly updates rollout last week, Microsoft delivered at least 4 concerning updates for December. If you missed any of the reported problems you can catch them all HERE.

One of the updates was originally reported to cause problems with Internet Explorer 9. Sometimes the browser would crash immediately and sometimes it would take up to 30 minutes, but it would always crash eventually. That specific update was KB3008923 (MS14-080: Cumulative IE update). Uninstalling the update fixed the problem.

However, shortly after the IE9 issue was reported, users running Microsoft's latest browser, Internet Explorer 11, also started noticing strange problems when visiting specific web sites. The issue was eventually identified (and confirmed by Microsoft) to be the result of nested model dialog boxes.

Just today, Microsoft has released an update to the update that intends to fix the problem with IE11. The new fix is listed as 3025390, but is only to be applied after 3008923 is installed. So, those that uninstalled the original patch will need to install it again, and then grab 3025390 to install. Clear as mud?

You can grab the new update here: Some web application modal dialog boxes don't work correctly in Internet Explorer 11 after you install update 3008923

P.S. The issue for IE9 is still under investigation, so those trying to complete December's patching cycle probably won't be able to breathe a sigh of holiday relief until sometime next week, but hopefully sooner. So, look for at least one more fixed update to release before the month is out. I wonder how patches taste with egg nog?

UPDATE: Thanks to community members, several have reported that this update does, indeed, work to fix the modal dialog issue with IE11. So, patch-up, folks!


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