ISS and Foundstone Enter Security Appliance Market

Internet Security Systems (ISS) announced a new line of security appliances as part of its Dynamic Threat Protection enterprise security platform. ISS said the appliancs will protect against all forms of attack with minimal user intervention.

The first series, the Proventia A Series, will provide support for bandwidths of 200MB up to a maximum aggregate bandwidth of 1200MB. The series will protect up to four network segments and are based on the company's RealSecure technology. The devices also protect against denial of service (DoS) attacks and offer centralized management. Pricing for the series ranges from $9,995 to $59,995.

The company said it will introduce two additional series by the end of this year. The Inline Series, due out next quarter, will support a maximum aggregate bandwidth of 2000MB and will protect one network segment. The series will be based on RealSecure technology with DoS protection, "inline" prevention, a stateful inspection packet firewall, and stateful inspection application firewall, and the devices will be centrally manageable.

The third series, the Multi-function series, is due in the fourth quarter 2003. The maximum bandwidth and maximum number of protected segments for the series is as yet undetermined. The series will provide all the features of the Inline Series, and also provide VPN gateway, and spam filtering.

Foundstone announced its new Foundstone FS1000 Appliance, which is a vulnerability assessment and risk management platform. The FS1000 is powered by FoundScan technology and incorporates the company's Foundstone Enterprise software.

The company said the FS1000 provides comprehensive network mapping including wireless access points. The appliance can perform in-depth vulnerability analysis of OSs, network devices, databases, Web application security problems, and more.

The FS1000 lets a company focus on high priority vulnerabilities that can be based on the value of assets and the company's security policies. The devices provide metrics to evaluate costs compared to benefits and to measure improvements in security over time.

The Foundstone Enterprise software bundle will become available June 2 as a software suite or as a managed service. The FS1000 appliance is priced as an option with software. The FS1000 appliance is available immediately.

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