Imation Touts IronKey Secure USB Drives and IronKey Workspace

Imation Touts IronKey Secure USB Drives and IronKey Workspace

At Microsoft TechEd 2013, I had a chance to speak with Gary Gerber, senior product marketing manager at Imation Mobile Security. He was showing off the company's impressive array of IronKey encrypted flash and external hard disk drives, as well as talking up the company's recent IronKey Workspace, which lets organizations outfit mobile professionals with a secure, fast USB platform to run Windows To Go from a USB stick on multiple compatible PCs—an ideal solution for teleworkers, contractors, and those implementing BYOD strategies.

Many organizations are seeking smart, easy-to-use, and highly secure solutions for employees to transport the information they need to be productive, while protecting private data, intellectual property, and their brands. The IronKey D80 flash drives and H80 hard drives feature tamper-resistant enclosures and hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption with strong authentication to reliably keep data private and secure. IronKey D80 and H80 drives are ideal choices for organizations seeking compliance with most business policies and standards and who recognize the superior security offered by hardware encryption.

IT departments appreciate the advantages of having a mobile, connected workforce, but at the same time they fear the data security risks. "When data goes to an employee's house, how secure is it?" Gerber said. "How about public hot spots?" According to a recent survey commissioned by Imation, fewer than half of IT decision makers feel confident in their data security once workers leave the building.

For more information about Imation’s IronKey D80 flash drives and H80 hard drives, check out the Imation Mobile Security Store.

The IronKey Workspace is certified for deployment of Windows To Go, a Windows 8 feature that lets enterprise users boot a full version of Windows 8 from an external USB drive on compatible host PCs. Organizations running Windows 8 Enterprise Edition can provision a Windows desktop onto the IronKey Workspace to create a PC on a Stick—with the OS and data contained on the USB drive—while still leveraging the host PC’s hardware and resources, such as monitors, cameras, and network connections. The IronKey Workspace provides a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to empower mobile workers with Windows To Go.

For more information, visit the Imation website.

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