HP Seeks to Improve Security Through Crowd Sourcing with New HP Threat Central

HP Seeks to Improve Security Through Crowd Sourcing with New HP Threat Central

As part of a new multi-level security product and service strategy, HP is rolling out a new, collaborative community effort called HP Threat Central (HPTC).

As HP explains it, HPTC looks to:

  • Harness the power of community
  • Quickly and precisely share threat intel to identify and mitigate advanced attacks
  • Disseminate detection indicators and mitigating actions
  • Provide a global view of the threat landscape by combining and analyzing data from varied sources

Currently, without a centralized, collaborative model, there are 14 steps required that takes the identification of a suspicious object through a process to finally be officially recognized and security measures created to resolve the security issue. HPTC takes the process down to 5 steps.

HP talks about HPTC providing a single dashboard for global and local threat intelligence, but, so far, HP is not offering anything more than information about it. If you're an HP customer, I'd suggest contacting your HP representative to get a demo or sit through a presentation.

The HP Security Research site is a good way to keep track of HP's security features and services. The site has yet to be updated to provide information on HPTC, but I suspect it will be updated soon.  Keep track of all HP security endeavors at the site:  HP Security Research


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