How do I install the Security Configuration Editor?

A. The Security Configuration Editor, SECEDIT.EXE, is a new utility that forms part of Service Pack 4 however due to Microsoft's pledge not to provide new functionality with service packs previously the utility was only available on the service pack 4.0 CD. After public demand a web download version is available from

Once downloaded you should execute the file and select an extraction directory.

Once the extraction is complete move to the extracted file directory and double click on MSSCE.EXE to install.

The installation installs two versions of SCE (Security Configuration Editor) a GUI and command line version. If you only wanted to install the command line tool enter the command

C:\> mssce /c /s

The /c means command line only, and the /s means silent install (no prompts).

The SCE is a Microsoft Management Console snap-in and so to use you must follow the steps below:

  1. Start MMC (mmc.exe)
  2. From the Console menu select "Add/Remove Snap-in"
  3. Click the Add button
  4. Select Security Configuration Manager and click OK
  5. Click OK to the main dialog

You may want to save this configuration

  1. Select Save As from the Console menu
  2. Enter a name of secedit and click Save
  3. It will be added to the "My Administrative Tools" program folder.

To edit a configuration expand the Configurations branch and the directory and select a configuration.

Click here to view image

Setting the shutdown using the Security Configuration Editor

Once you have modified a configuration and saved it you need to activate it.

  1. Right click on database and select "Import Configuration"
  2. Select a security configuration file (a .inf file) and click open
  3. Right click again and select "Configure system now"
  4. Select a log file name and location.
  5. The policy will be applied to the system

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