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From time to time, we like to ask readers how we might improve our products. It's been a while since we've asked you--the readers of Security UPDATE--for your opinions. So this week, we want to pose some general questions and request your input into how we can improve this newsletter.

One question we often contemplate is whether Security UPDATE is too long, too short, or just right. Knowing how busy you all are, we try to keep it as short as we can, but please tell us what you think about the length. For example, do you prefer to have the complete In Focus in the newsletter, or would you rather see a short summary of it with a link to the full text on our Web site? Are our News and Feature summaries long enough, or are they too short?

In each Security UPDATE, we typically include In Focus, news, an FAQ, a forum thread, and new products. We sometimes (although not each week) include feature-article summaries and Virus Alerts. Do you want to see more or less of any of the above? Are there other types of information you'd like to see covered?

You might have noticed that we've recently adjusted the format of Security UPDATE's table of contents (TOC). We wonder whether you like having a TOC, and if so, whether you prefer a complete TOC or an abbreviated one. Also, does a numbered TOC (with matching numbers in the body of the newsletter) help you navigate the newsletter, or do you prefer a simple bulleted TOC?

Those are some of the particular areas we'd like your opinion about, but we're also open to any other suggestions, critiques, and comments you might want to share with us. So please feel free to send any feedback to me at "mark at ntsecurity dot net." Please use a subject prefix of "SECUPD:" to help me more easily identify responses to this editorial.

One other content-related item I want to point out this week is our new Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds. We've recently added several such feeds to our Web site, and you can learn more about them in the "New RSS Feeds" news story below.

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