Hackbusters Web Site to Curate Security News, Create Digg-like Security Community

Hackbusters Web Site to Curate Security News, Create Digg-like Security Community

A new web site called Hackbusters.com has popped-up in "sneak peek" mode and is really just a framework of what is planned in the near future.

Currently Hackbusters is a simple news consumption site, providing industry security news in three categories: Trending, Most Popular, and Recent. News articles adorn the three category pages and clicking on a story keeps you on the Hackbusters site instead of pushing you to the article on the originating site. However, you can visit the original article if you want using links provided in each Hackbusters curated page.  Additionally, you can view how many times a specific article has been shared and also how many people "Liked" it.

Logins are created using either a Facebook or Twitter account. Once you've acquired a login, jump to the Edit Profile page to enter your personal information such as email and web site. I'm sure other things will be available sometime soon. Once you have your account, clicking the box next to the article "Likes" opens a Facebook window to allow you to share with your friends.

The site's owner and developer, KnowBe4, says that content is both pulled in automatically and chosen by human.

I can kind of get a sense where they might go with this after signing up and digging around. It reminds me of early Digg.com where content was submitted and voted-up by relevancy and popularity. Of course, we all know what happened to Digg.com, so maybe Hackbusters can avoid the politics of crowd-sourced material.

It truly is a sneak peek, or beta, as some of the profile features aren't enabled yet and some of the links don't work. For example, a link to the site's Facebook page takes you straight to your own Facebook newsfeed because the site's page doesn't even exist yet.

Hackbusters will be an interesting study and it will be great to see a modern offering to generate community around security topics.

Try it out for yourself:  http://www.hackbusters.com/

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