GuardianEdge Now Guards Smart Phones

You've heard a lot about device control--limiting the devices that can be linked to a PC or laptop to upload or download data. Now, there's smart phone and PDA control. GuardianEdge Technologies, which sells the GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform that includes solutions for encrypting hard disks and removable disks as well as controlling devices, has extended device control and encryption to smart phones and PDAs.

Andy Kicklighter, director of product marketing, said that in response to customer requests, GuardianEdge Smartphone Protection supports employee use of phones for both business and personal communications. The product can encrypt smart phone files by type so that corporate data is protected but employees can freely access their personal data. Smartphone Protection also supports image locking so that only trusted and approved applications can be run, and the product can manage phones over the air.

GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform is designed as a single, comprehensive solution to cover all endpoints for an enterprise. Senior VP of Products and Marketing Ram Krishnan noted that all the platform components use the same authentication and auditing functions. The product is tightly integrated with Microsoft Active Directory and Group Policy, and the management console is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in.

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