Google Headed To The High Seas?

How would you physically secure a database if it were floating on the ocean? That's a problem Google might have to solve sometime in the future.

Last month Google file a patent application for a Water-Based Data Center. The patent includes provisions for crane-removable modules, wave-power electricity generators, a tide-powered generator system, motion-powered machines, and more. The gist of the idea is to be able to cut power costs as well as heating and cooling costs. If they can pull it off then they'd probably save millions every year.

One problem with such a data center is physical security. Granted, it's unlikely that pirates are going to board such a sea-born computer center and hijack the equipment. But on the other hand the fury of Mother Nature knows no boundaries, and as we've seen over the past few years alone hurricanes are extremely powerful - they can level coastal cities and even tear giant oil rigs right off their anchors.

Whether Google actually builds such a data center remains to be seen. One thing's for sure though: Anyone that works on such a platform is going to need nerves of steal during hurricane season!

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