GadgetTrak Releases Device Tracking Software for Windows

GadgetTrak, known for its tracking software for cell phones and removable media devices, announced the release of tracking software for Windows that eliminates the middle man.

According to the company, GagdetTrak Anti-Theft for Windows sends email directly to the PC owner each time the PC obtains a new IP address. Thus the methodology doesn't require a "middle man" as do some other device tracking solutions.

"\[GadgetTrak Anti-Theft for Windows\] has been the most requested solution by our customer base, but we wanted to make sure we had a solution that would both protect the system in the event of theft, as well as our customers' privacy. I don't think people realize just how invasive some of the existing PC solutions are, or what information is being collected and stored regarding their movements," said company founder Ken Westin.

The software uses special installation software that prevents it from being uninstalled unless someone has both a copy of the special installer and the correct administrative password. The software also prevents the device's disk drive from being reformatted.

GadgetTrak makes a similar solution for Mac OS X that includes the ability to use the Mac's built-in camera to capture images that can be used as evidence should the need arise.

The company licenses GadgetTrak Anti-Theft for Windows on a yearly basis. A one-year license costs $39.95 and a 3-year license costs $69.95.

TAGS: Windows 8
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