Fortify Offers to Help Secure Electronic Voting Machines

Fortify Software said that it will offer a free copy of its Static Code Analysis (SCA) software to every Secretary of State in the USA to help locate vulnerabilities in electronic voting system code.

The company said their SCA software has already uncovered that vulnerabilities have already been found in voting system code used by Florida, Ohio, and California. The States of Colorado, California, Florida, and New Mexico have already decertified some or all of their eletronic voting machines.

"These coding mistakes open the door for a malicious voter or polling location volunteer to change your vote or even cast multiple votes. Corrupting an election could be as easy as inserting a carefully programmed cartridge or a bogus ballot into the machine," said John M. Jack, CEO at Fortify.

Compounding the problem of vulnerable electronic voting machines is the fact that some government leaders haven't taken steps to protect the accuracy of the public's votes. According to Verified Voting only 17 states currently require voter-verified paper records of every vote cast along with a manual audit requirement. Thirteen states require paper records but don't require manual audits. Eight states use paper records but their use isn't required by state law, and 12 states have no requirements for paper records or audits.

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