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The White House, Washington, D.C. Getty Images

Former White House CIO Shares Enduring Security Strategies

Theresa Payton explains the strategies organizations should consider as they integrate layers of new technology.

Infosecurity ISACA North America Conference and Expo – New York, NY – In her two-and-a-half years as White House CIO, Theresa Payton learned valuable long-term lessons about securely adopting new technology, which she shared today with an audience of cybersecurity industry pros.

"Every year we're layering in new technologies to be considered, and it feels like we have to change our strategy every year, but [we] don't," she said in her opening keynote talk at the Infosecurity ISACA Conference and Expo, held here this week. Payton, the first woman to hold the position of White House CIO, is now the founder and CEO at Fortalice.

There are 3,000 staff supporting the Executive Office of the President, Payton continued, and they don't all fit in the White House. "They're flying all around the world. My job was to make sure that I could extend the desk in Washington, DC, to them wherever they were so that they could do their jobs."

In the age of the smartphone, employees wanted everything to be simple – to work like an app. And not only did they want the latest technology, they wanted it secured.

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