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Finjan Discovers Big Botnet

Finjan discovered a botnet consisting of over 1.9 million Windows-based computers - some of which belong to government agencies.

Without elaborating on how they know such information, the company said that command and control server "has been in use since February 2009, is hosted in the Ukraine and is controlled by a cybergang of 6 people."

One disturbing fact about this particular botnet is that it can cause an infected computer to install a Trojan, and only only 4 antivirus products (out of 49 surveyed) can detect the Trojan. Those 4 products are AVG, DrWeb, NOD32, and Panda.

The company also said that the infected systems were spread around the world. Forty-five percent are in the USA, 6% are in the UK, 4% are in Canada and another 4% are in Germany, 3% are in France, and the remaining 38% are located in other countries.

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