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FastStream FTP++ Subject to Weak Passwords, Directory Traversal, and DoS

Reported January 19, 2001, by Strumpf Noir.


  • FastStream FTP++ 2 Beta 10 Build 2


Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in FastStream FTP++. The first vulnerability creates a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. A malicious user can flood the FTP server by sending requests of 2048 bytes or greater.

In the second vulnerability, a malicious user can browse and obtain directory listings outside the FTP root directory. For example, a user can input Is C:\ to obtain a directory listing of the C drive.

The final vulnerability is the result of FastStream storing usernames and passwords in an unencrypted file. The program appears to implement the USER and PASS commands for compatibility reasons only, and the username and password file actually has no relevance to the logon process.


The vendor has been notified and has released a new beta version of its software. This version addresses the directory listing vulnerability but not the DoS attack or password issues. Check the vendor's Web site for more information:

Discovered by Strumpf Noir.

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